Esha Kundu

Project Officer, IGCS

Esha is an architect, urban designer with three years’ experience in mainstream architecture. She has worked with Kanvinde Rai & Chowdhury, New Delhi, designing several educational buildings including at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. She also worked with IBI Group on urban scale projects for a short stint before joining IGCS. An architecture graduate from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, J&K and post graduate in urban design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad, she feels that having trained in a setting that is guided by multiculturalism, equips her with skills of reading the unseen layers of landscape and culture, and propose solutions that would guide transformation in a direction that would help build cities that are livable.
Her thesis coursework was on ‘Landscape Revival as a means to Re-integrate the City’, South Delhi and its environs, and her sustainable design solution she devised tackled water issues, targeting ecological, economic and social issues generic to most cities today. Her academic years also include experiences of working on projects in Greater Paris, Pierrlaye Plains, Cergy that focused on reinvigorating a dead defunct site, exposed to land pollution for a long time. Prior to that, she worked on concept of ‘urban agriculture’ in Japan, where her teams design solutions engaged a geriatric community within Sakuragaoka District of Tokyo, encouraging people into community farming as a leisurely activity.
Together with her academic and professional experiences, she is quite passionate and wishes to help shape and expedite her innovative mind by combating urban challenges that our cities are facing today, having hands on experience and an avid interest in the field of sustainable development.